365 Day Logo Redesign Challenge

 Branding / Typography

This self initiated project started on the 01/01/2015 and finishes on the 01/01/2015. Every single day since the start I have picked a logo at random from a box, and created my own vision for the logo or brand. to be completed under 1.5hours.


Over the course of the year there were some logos I was really proud of and others not so much each one presented a different challenge and as the project went on I found that I became quicker at developing the idea that I wanted to be the final piece it helped me streamline the process from concept to finished logo, and id like to think that the logos improved as the year went.


Overall looking back at the project as a whole I’m glad I was able to complete it and learn so much about the history and previous incarnations of these well known logos. This was also a great opportunity to play around with different ideas and concepts in a fun way


Some of my personal favourites as well as the whole project montage video



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