Breaking Bad Illustration

Drawing / Painting / Illustration

To celebrate the release of the Breaking Bad Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbooks, featuring exclusive artwork by legendary British cartoonist Ralph Steadman, Little White Lies ran a competition to create an illustration from your favourite scene from breaking bad.


The competition will be judged by Ralph Steadman & Little White Lies for a chance to have your work displayed in a gallery along with Steadman and various other prizes.  unfortunately my  illustration was not picked to be shown along side Steadmans but was however featured on HuckMagazine.com


My illustration is from Episode 13 Season 4 "Face Off"


I used a combination of acrylic painting, pencil, ink & Photoshop to achieve the desired effect.


From start to finish the whole piece took around 52 hours


Link to Huck Magazine  article here

All Work © William Christie 2014