Cormac McCarthy Book Series

Illustration / Typography / Book Making

Brief -


Develop Three Book covers, by a single author using illustration and book making techniques to produce a finished tangible object.


The author that really stood out for me was Cormac McCarthy his work is very unforgiving, harsh and often brutal at times and at the centre of each novel, are distinct characters who adapt to there individual situations often in menacing ways.


The Books -


The Road – A father and son trek across post apocalyptic America avoiding cannibalistic gangs that travel the road, as they search for the sea.


No Country For Old Men – A man is hunted across America by a ruthless hit man who commits acts of senseless violence while hunting down a briefcase.


Child Of God – McCarthy’s darkest novel focuses on a man who has been shunned by society and tries to exist as his life goes on a path of crime, deviancy and degradation.



These characters live in a harsh world. They are rough personality wise and I wanted the illustrations to reflect this nature creating geometric portraits with harsh angles and bold lines.


The typography used for the titles had to be specific to each story. I researched into the geographic area for each stories setting and created type based on signs found in these areas.


All Work © William Christie 2014