Only On Tuesdays Branding

Brand Identity

As Part of Third year at Abertay University, we had to come up with a name & identity for a design agency which would run over the course of nine months and would be used to acquire 'live' client jobs, functioning as a working agency.


I was in charge of creating the logo and the concept behind it, along with helping produce work for clients and the general running of the agency.


"Only On Tuesdays" is a term used to confuse people when they make a derogatory mark about you, I felt this was the perfect name for the agency as it was unusual and reflected our personalities.


Upon further research into the origin of Tuesday, I discovered in Latin "dies Martis" means "Day Of Mars" The Roman God Of War. The planet Mars takes its name from this also. This set the idea in motion to create a cryptic logo that was well thought out and easily identifiable.


Combining a number of elements each having significance, created a well-rounded logo.


The modus operandi of the agency was to create work to a very high standard whilst still having the element of fun and be able to not take ourselves so seriously.

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